June seems to be bringing some much needed outdoor weather, so with this in  mind, Wroxham Barns was our chosen destination with our friends Lisa and Lillie.  We were out & on our way early. A picnic lunch packed & armed with out cameras.

We had a lovely walk round looking at pigs, donkeys, sheep (even an escapee having a jolly jaunt round on it’s own) hens, geese, ducks, goats (one of which stole Emilie’s animal food, including the bag; very greedy beasts) & cows.

After lunch we headed to the fairground part and Emilie, Kieran & Lillie found plenty of rides to use their tokens on. We headed back to the barns just in time for the ‘cuddle session’ with some of the smaller animals.  The children being eager to hold chicks only a few days old.  Unfortunately, when the time came, Kieran decided he didn’t want to hold the chick instead volunteering me to ‘cuddle’ the creature. Now, they may look all warm & fluffy & cute, but, are in fact, just warm & boney & still capable of flapping. Now, you may or may not know but I don’t do well around things that flap. Birds, moths, butterflies, worry me. They have even been known to make me scream, at the very top of my lungs. (much to Ed’s amusement) So there I sat, holding this small creature, waiting it to flap which would of course have increased it’s chances of being flung across the room. Thankfully. It didn’t & Kieran enjoyed stroking it (& no doubt watching me squirm!!) Further cuddles were had with a guinea pig & a quick pet of a rabbit before tiredness started to take over & we headed home.

A fab day though & looking forward to another visit.