Reenie and I decided to take in another walk as we had a weekend without the littlies. The weather has been rather inclement during the week and not til Saturday morning did we know whether we would be walking anywhere. The day was windy but it was dry and bright so we decided to have a walk around Somerleyton. It was about 6.5 miles long and it was on our way home so we felt it was a better choice than our first selection which was down towards Dunwich.

It was a nice walk and although it was quite blustery crossing some of the fields, we took in some views of Somerleyton Hall, a rare round towered church, the River Waveney and a small memorial to two American airman who crashed close by. Just before the end we passed the Dukes Head and stopped for swift pint before finishing the walk and returning to the car. It brought back some memories from myself as a child where we used to come over on Sunday afternoons and spent hours playing in the country paths around Somerleyton.

We headed back to Norwich and arrived about 4.30 where we went to Toys R Us to get a free Lego movie giveaway….and I treated myself to another Lego set. WIthout diverting from the story here I have got back into Lego and have started buying a few sets.

We headed home where we enjoyed a steak dinner, a couple of bottles of bubbly and watched the movie Rush. It was a very good film about the rivalry between Lauda and Hunt during the 70’s. Great style to the film and the Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth play their parts brilliantly.