Woohoo!! Today us ladies & gents choose wedding attire. How exciting.

As mon sibling has returned from far away work related lands. Arrangements were made for himself & lovely Nicola with darling Grace & Zara to visit. We also booked in appointments for wedding suit & bridal dresses to be chosen.

The RV being outside Next, meant I spied them first. Managing to make him jump & almost knock him clean off his feet at the same time with my excited hug!! Brief catch up & long walk & work story telling ensued as we all walked around the city, killing some time before our appointment.

Arriving at John Field & advising the lovely lady exactly what I would like as suits for the boys (after all, I am the bride) we settled in to have the boys try stuff on & make some decisions. A brief glimpse of a possible bridezilla was almost seen. With the boys choosing some god awful colour & pattern combinations. But, with the guidance of the store lady & control of the ‘zilla. Beautiful suits were found, including a mini version for our smallest Team GB member. Of course, you’ll have to wait until the big day to see them ;0)

With Calum needing to collect Zara. We sorted out who was going where & with whom. Emilie bursting at the seams with excitement as she got to go with Uncle Calum & Grace. Ed & Kieran breathing a sigh of relief as they got to go home & play video games. Nicola & I headed out to Drayton to choose dresses. Not expected to be seen for some time. It is, afterall, dresses!!

A quick chat with the store assistant, a rummage through dresses, a try on of two (yes, only TWO!!) & the decision was made!! Brrrrrrrilliant. Now we need to match in the tiny ones (Emilie & Grace) & make sure we choose right colour ties for the boys. Seems we’re all sorted……………