We ventured to Waterloo Park today, to meet with friends, Lillie, Gustav, Byron, Kyle, Chichi & Uri (& their mums) Not having met Kyle, ChiChi or Uri before, we were looking forward to it.

Waterloo Park is a 45 or so minute walk from our house so I packed a great picnic, a towel, drinks, coats, sun block, hats all into the trailer & we headed out. On the way we bumped into Gustav with his Mum Jeane & we waited with them for Jeane’s sister & her children Chichi & Uri. We all then walked together to the park.

We were spotted by Lisa & with a quick cooee & a wave. We were all seated with Byron, his mum Julie & Kyle & his mum Vikki.

The mini team members were soon lathered up in sun block & raring to go. The park has a great children’s area, with water fountains to play in, sand pits & climbing equipment. All the children played together while the mums sat in the sunshine & chatted.

We stayed all afternoon & headed home with Jeane & her sister & the children. Stopping for fish & chips on the way.

We’ve had such a great time, we’re heading back on Friday. To meet & play with Vikki & Kyle.