After the early night last night we decided on a more sedate pace today.  Drinks, food, wandering about and a bit of shopping.  The weather was lovely; sunny and a little crisp in places but lovely for a whimsical wander about.  We decided to leave the cameras at home today…

We headed towards Montparnasse and had a bit of breakfast from the picnic leftovers from last night in the Jardin Luxembourg. A great spot with plenty of seats to sit in the sunshine, people watch and have a bite to eat. After we were fed and watered we were on out way with a gentle stroll down towards the Seine. We crossed by the Place De La Concorde and found some shops on the far side of the Tuillerie Gardens.

We had an idea to buy us each something that we would could keep and remember as honeymoon gifts we bought in Paris. We wanted something that wasn’t perishable like clothes or something that would not be used after a certain time so we decided on a good watch each. We indulged ourselves at Michael Kors and were pleased to both have something we could keep and remember.

By this time we were getting a little hungry and we found a nice cafe overlooking the Tuillerie Gardens where we enjoyed a nice meal and a bottle of wine while people watching in the sun. The relaxing pace of the day was much needed after the recent hectic pace and it was great to sit and relax for a little. Afterwards we had a wander round another shopping cent before heading back to the Great Canadian Pub to settle in for the evening.

One slightly sour note this evening was Reenie having her phone pinched by some light fingered begging children. They were shooed from the bar but not before they had got the phone and it was ten minutes before we realised… We were adamant we were not going to let it spoil the rest of the honeymoon. Apart from that we had a very enjoyable evening in the Canadian pub and met a lad called Scott who had visited Halifax so was good to chat to him.