While the rest of the clan went to Taronga Zoo, I, nursing a slightly fragile head, set out on my jack jones to wander the streets of Sydney.  As I type this its just gone 4.30, I am sitting down drinking a cold VB and have been walking since 10.45.  What a great day…

Firstly set out to Darling Harbour and Cockle Bay Wharf which is great part of Sydney to the west of the Sydney Harbour bridge.  Quayside area dotted with bars and eateries, an aquarium, National Maritime museum and Chinese gardens.  Had a good wander round there and went to the aforementionedNational Maritime museum.  You know me!  Anything remotely military and I’m there.  Very interesting and some cracking model ships.  Unfortunately because of the low lighting there weren’t many good opportunities to take photos.

After that I wondered to Market City which is basically a shopping mall selling all many of tat, food, clothing, whatever.  Didn’t stay long and headed back towards the Opera House via George Street and the shopping district.  Gentle stroll stopping to visit the Apple Store on the way. 🙂

Got to the Opera House and had a wander round the outside of it.  It is a quite amazing looking building and again treated to some great views of the harbour.  Round the Opera House and the Central Quay there are a number of a discs set in the walkway to celebrate a collection of celebrities past and present called the Writers Walk.

Onward again, and took in the Botanical Gardens.  As I said in a previous entry, its great to have such open land in a city.  I loved the fact they tell you to walk on the grass and hug the trees!

After that it was back to the apartment for a cold VB and a swim in the pool.  Tomorrow is the Bridge Climb which I must say I am very apprehensive about… 🙂