Our first full day in Edinburgh and it was going to involve a reasonable amount of walking as we decided to walk up and down the Royal Mile. We were up and out reasonably earlier so much so that we decided to miss breakfast at the hotel and get out as soon as. We were blessed with warm sunshine and lots of blue sky so we wanted to be out in it as much as possible…

We stopped for coffee as we neared the bottom of the mile and the busy tourist pedestrian traffic seems to tail off as you near the bottom.  The shops are a little more quirky as well.  After refreshments we had a little look round Canongate Kirk, which is the resting place of a few well known Scotsman.  There is a small bronze statue commemorating Robert Fergusson who is buried within.  After leaving and reaching the bottom of the ‘Mile’ we were presented with our first view of Palace of Holyroodhouse, which is the official Scottish residence of the Royal Family.   From the junction at the bottom of the Royal Mile you also have views of Arthurs Seat and the new Scottish Parliament building.  The latter does not look like your usual run of the mill Government building!

We had a very enjoyable walk round the Palace and its quite amazing to think it is still used and almost all monarchs have stayed there at one time or another.  The staff very very friendly and goes without saying, knowledgeable.  We finished by exiting at the rear and walking through the ruined remains of the Abbey before finding ourselves in the gardens.  The sun was out and it was very warm now.  I could have really worn shorts for today!  We were afforded a cracking view of Arthurs Seat before looping round to the front and walking back up the Royal Mile.

By the time we reached the castle, the hunger pangs were starting to arise and our light breakfast was starting to come back and haunt us!  Given the queues and the fact we had visited the castle before, we decided to enjoy the views of Edinburgh from the esplanade at the front and then head for some lunch.  More statues to take photos of including the resting place of Ensign Ewart who took a French Eagle at Waterloo.  A very impressive feat!

After we headed back out of the castle we stumbled upon a nice restaurant called Maxies that we decided to stop for lunch.  It was a lovely spot just overlooking Victoria Street on a raised terrace and a lovely sun trap.  We enjoyed a very enjoyable late lunch accompanied by a bottle of house red that brought back memories of the lover lunches we had in Paris on our honeymoon.  By the time we finished the wine any further chance of sightseeing was gone.

We headed back to the hotel for a quick change before heading out again to Princes Street.  We stopped in a couple of bars for drinks before heading back into the Grassmarket.  It is then we found a cocktail bar in the Misoni hotel.  A couple of very friendly girls were behind the counter who served us four wonderful cocktails each.  It was a very smart hotel for sure but the girls who served us were very laid back and it was en enjoyable way to see the evening in…  We did make sure we didn’t overdo it too much and ruin the next day!!