We were blessed with beautiful sunshine today after a couple of days of less than amenable weather.  The plan was to take a ferry from Queenscliff across toSorrento.  Effectively crossing the bay that Melbourne and Geelong sit on from tip to tip.  It would take over three hours to drive it.

We arrived in Queenscliff a little early for the ferry or late for the last one, depends on how you look at it.  We took the opportunity to have a quick look around and found a very pleasant little town.  Shops and cafes line the road and even found the hotel advertising a Fawlty Towers night! Basil!

The ferry trip was very smooth and only takes around 40 minutes. We wandered into the town centre bustling with visitors and residents, in shops, restaurants, cafes the town has a wonderful feel to it.  Its easy to see why its so popular.  We stopped for a drink and some food and enjoyed the sunshine.  We wandered down to the beach, where the Tayla and Jordan had a paddle, then we walked back towards the ferry terminal stopping to take some photos of the War Memorial (yes another one).

The sun was out in force now and it was great sat on the ferry in the sunshine.  The attraction that had people at the rails on the trip back was the large cargo ship heading out of Melbourne.  Unfortunately we didn’t see any whales or dolphins which we were told is possible especially given the time of year.

Once home, we had to get ready to head out for a night on the town.  Few beers in a couple of bars in town.   Met some of Jo’s work mates and had a good laugh.  The tequila shot early on in the evening not probably the best idea!!