To Holkham and back…

We decided to drive up to Holkham and walk to Wells along the beach retracing a walk Reenie and I had done some time ago. We were prepared for the weather because despite it being sunny there was a forecast of rain. To ensure we were amply refreshed we packed a small picnic to munch on.

On arriving at Holkham it seemed like there were a few people sharing the same idea with the car park a hive of activity. We soon headed out across the sand turning right to follow the coast along to Wells. Not a long walk but in the sunshine it was very pleasant. The littlies enjoyed running around playing it and generally making lots of noise and having fun.

We walked along the waters edge, threw stones in the water and beachcombed for shells. There were thousands of them and most of them in really good condition. I think if Emilie had her way we would have brought back the whole of the beach. Ominous clouds were heading in from the west as we made away along the beach and decided to park up in the dunes for a nimble of packed lunch. At this point we got some video and a few photos of a very tame bird who wanted to share our lunch. It was amazing the littlies stayed quiet long enough for it to get close!! 🙂

Just as the bird skipped away and the lunch was finishing off the wind got up and we seemed to be in the middle of a little sandstorm. Eyes closed and clutching sand covered food was not the best way to complete the meal! We packed up and continued along and Wells and the beach huts that line the beach suddenly hoved into view. It was at this point as indeed some people were heading onto the beach that it started to rain quite heavily. Any thoughts of a BBQ were long forgotten and after a short toilet break by the Beach Cafe we started the coast path walk back to Holkham…

As we headed back to Holkham the weather suddenly changed, the warm sun appeared again and plans of a BBQ were resurrected. On the way back the littlies started complaining that there shows were full of sand. We stopped to eject said sandy deposits from footwear. They were not wrong. The small piles of sand in front of the bench where we sat looked like we were trying to nick the sand to take home. How Kieran got his foot in the show with all the sand is a mystery….

Kieran in particular was starting to flag by the time we got back to the car. He had been recovering from his tonscillitis and had been poorly with sore throat and ear ache so was not fully match fit. We headed home having enjoyed spending so much of the day outside and had a BBQ for tea. Thus starting the weekend of three BBQs (see subsequent post)