So this weekend would be spent as a boys and girls weekends and for the first time Team GB would be split up not just for the day but for the whole weekend. The girls were off to Hampton Court for a craft fair to be hosted and attended by none other than Kirsty Allsop and the boys were heading to London to do boy stuff! It was going to be a very full day with a rough schedule in mind to make the most of it. Apart from a trip to the British Transport Museum the rest of the day was a surprise for Kieran. And that is where this entry picks the story up…

We arrived in London at about 11:20 and got the bus down to Savoy Street as we headed towards Covent Garden. We managed to get top deck at the front so we had an awesome view of London as we took the short trip. A very short walk after we got off the bus and a coffee and snack at Starbucks and we were ready to head into the British Transport Museum. I have been to London many times and spent a reasonable amount of time dawdling about Convent Garden and I never remember seeing the museum before. Then when I saw it I wondered how I ever missed it!

Friendly staff welcomed us and after dropping bags off at the cloakroom and a lift to the top and started the tour. There were buses, coaches, carriages and trains that you could go on and in and see how the transport in London evolved as the city and population grew. It was very interesting and Kieran loved the fact he could get on the vehicles and see them up close. After a little backwards and forwards we managed to complete the obligatory stamp sheet! Top to bottom took us about 2 hours and by the time we got to the bottom we were ready to move on and get back outside.

We had decided to get the bus to the next destination but seeing the traffic on Savoy Street, we chose to walk instead and how glad we were we did. We saw loads more including an up close view of the lions in Trafalgar Square, a photo with the a Guardsman at Horseguards, Buckingham Palace and loads of other cool statues. While it took us longer and the walk took us out of our way we finally got to the next destination which was a first visit for Kieran to….Hamleys! His littlies eyes lit up when he realised that we were in the largest toy store in the world…. We had lots of fun walking around and seeing all the toys and demonstrations particularly all the lego and it felt a bit cruel coming here and not buying anything but little did he know there was more to come. It was very busy and warm but there was so much to see before we headed back outside to the cooler surroundings and looking for somewhere to satiate our hunger pangs. There was only one place to go and after a short 10 minute walk we were sat in Wagamamas in Soho.

A lovely meal, friendly staff and Kieran missing his mouth and spilling his juice down himself and we were back on the road again. It was nice to sit down and take some time out but the day was flying by quite fast and we still had things to do! A walk back to Oxford Circus and Kieran gets his first taste of the London Underground (not impressed as its loud) and half hour later we are in Stratford to visit the Lego shop!! It took to asking a stranger where it was, conscious now of the train times and getting home at a decent hour!

We still managed a good 45 mins browsing the shop where we bought some custom mini figures and the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 set. The store wasn’t very big but it didn’t matter as it was filled with Lego. With more money and more arms I could have spent hundreds of pounds in there! A quick toilet break and we found our way back to Stratford station to pick up the Norwich train at 6.30 to head home…

I think I was more tired than Kieran. He was so well behaved and as I said to him on the way home….it felt like I was spending the day with my mate. Much fun and lots of laughing!!