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Changes to the Photo Gallery

We have make some tweaks and changes to the website this weekend so we can share more content with less hassle. The long and the short of this is we are now using Google+ to ‘host’ the photos and linking albums and posts to albums there. This means we can share quicker and it doesn’t take up space on our website so we can share more. Also Google+ does some whizzy things with photos creating animated GIFs and enhancing photos...

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New format

Another change to our blog as we start using WordPress. Things are still in the process of being sorted and photos are not there yet but everything else should be working just fine… Enjoy!

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We are back!!

After a frightening absence of over six months Team GB returns with a new look website. We have kept all the content from the old site but will continue to include photos that are long overdue from our adventures last year.  We didn’t want this stopping the new site going live but we have an absolute stack from our Scotland trip last year… We hope you enjoy the return of Team GB and we all apologise for the long absence.  We look...

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Up and running…

Well here we are. Team GB website up and running and ready to record our exploits and share them with our captive audience. Feel free to use the Email Me on the home page to contact Team GB, subscribe to the RSS feed to keep track of updates or just pop back now and again to see what we have been doing.   Updates are likely to be at weekends when we are all out doing something fun. Feel free to post comments on blog posts letting us know...

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