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Visit to Granny and Grandad!

First full day in Scotland and we went to visit Granny and Grandad in St Andrews.  It was lovely to see them again and catch up with how everyone is.  Thankfully Granny got the biscuits out and Kieran and Emilie both managed to eat their own body weight in Wagon Wheels. There was a visit from June and the girls; Rebecca, Alisha & Kimberley. Despite being very shy at first Kieran and Emilie soon loved the attention lavished upon them The...

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Visit to Gran

We headed to Grans today. Was really lovely to see her & fantastic to see she’s getting on so well now being on her own. The children were really pleased to see her & she was equally pleased to see them. Although she wasn’t expecting us as it was raining. Not one to let the rain stop us we said!! The littlies managed to munch their way through their body weight in biscuits!! Gran not minding of course but commenting that she might get...

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Visit to Gran & Pops

We popped along to see Graninoodles & Popsicles today. A couple of bus rides & a train ride away as they are.  Our trip to Lowestoft didn’t seem to take too long.  I don’t know who was more pleased to see who but the children had much to tell them both. We had a lovely day with them heading home late afternoon/early evening with Kieran falling asleep on the return train journey.

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Mothers day lunch

We set out early today to have lunch with Eds parents for an early mothers day lunch at the Beefeater.  We had the benefit of having the littlies with us as we were not dropping the children off until later.  Daddy was having a carpet fitted so it worked out really well. Lunch was great and Mum was very pleased with the event and seeing the littlies.

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Moo Farm!

A belated celebration of Kieran’s birthday saw the team head to Moo Farm near Brampton. Two hours of running round like banshees was thoroughly exhausting. Auntie Shelly and cousin Mollie came with us and much fun was had by all. In fact the first hour saw the three little ones enjoy a free run without anyone else to worry about. The video just shows what a clever wee lad Kieran is… 🙂 It was a fun time and certainly seemed to do the trick...

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