The day started with the last remnants of another smaller dust storm coming through Sydney but left no evidence of its visit.

Today was the day we got to see the Opera House and Sydney Harbour bridge for the first time.  We decided the best way to see them would be a ferry trip to Manly Beach and the views did not disappoint.  To get two such famous landmarks in one photo is a rare thing! The Central Quay, where we would get the ferry was only a half hour gentle stroll and we took in Hyde Park on the way.  There we found the amazing Anzac Memorial, a funny looking bird and a large gun taken from a German battleship.The ferry trip was only half hour and offered great views of the harbour as we travelled out to Manly.  We could even see people doing the bridge climb!  Once in Manly, we enjoyed a lovely lunch at Wharf Harbour bar and had a stroll about before getting the ferry back.  To say it was a bit breezy on the return would be a slight understatement!

We wandered back to the apartments and went through Hyde Park again.  The entrance was guarded by statues of Victoria and Prince Albert looking very Brittanical! We took a different path from the morning walk and there we found a statue of Australia’s founder, Captain Cook and a fountain commemorating Australian and French association during the Great War. Its a lovely park and with the large office buildings surrounding it, it certainly has a feel of Central Park in New York, albeit smaller!  I think it always great to see parkland in the middle of a big city for people to get away from it all.

In the evening I went out with some friends I worked with at NU last year, who live in Sydney.  To stand in a bar and see the Harbour Bridge, be in the shadow of the Opera House and drink beer with friends was, well….pretty good.  Finishing the evening with an absinthe based cocktail was unexpected! 🙂