Today we arranged to meet Reenies cousin Rhona and her little girl, Zoe at South Queensferry Its a small town on the southern side of the Forth of Firth where both bridges span the forth. Cameras at the ready again.  It was only a 40 minute drive from our cottage and once the excitement of driving of the ‘big bridge’ died down we had parked and mat up with Rhona.

We enjoyed a lovely walk through town and decided to go for lunch as little people were making noises that food was needed!  I knew of a place in town that I had been to in the past with a friend of mine so we headed to Orocco Pier. The staff were very friendly and food was very tasty.  We headed back on along the quayside chatting and enjoying seeing all the children get along so well. To give you an idea of time we had arrived in South Queensferry a little after midday and now as we headed back towards the car it was getting for just after 4.

We decided that a visit to the Forth of Firth would not be complete without a boat trip and the last trip was at 4.30. We said our farewells to Rhona and Zoe (much to Zoes disdain; she had been on the boat only a week before with granny and granddad) and boarded the Forth Belle.  The 90 minute trip round the Forth of Firth included going under both bridges, a brief stop at Inchcolm Island to pick up passengers and some seals! Thankfully I packed the binoculars and we managed to see seals poking their heads out of the water after we left Inchcolm.

By the time we got back to South Queensferry it was starting to get a little cold but managed to get some good photos of the sunset and the bridges. Before you could say Land Ahoy we were disembarked and back over the ‘big bridge’ and on our way home…