The good weather couldn’t last forever and today the forecast was not brilliant.  We decided to venture to the local swimming pool which was just a short walk back up towards Pendennis Castle that we walked past on Mondays jaunt!  However there was a small problem in the fact that I was the only person in Team GB without swimming apparel.  A quick wander to the shops to a Team GB favourite, Fat Face saw me quickly equipped with the necessary kit for the days activities!

It was clear when we arrived that other people had the same idea.  Due to popularity people who arrived where split into groups so everyone had an allotted time to use the pool.  We were in and splashing about inside 20 minutes and the littlies loved it.  There was a large slide which at one stage I could barely keep Kieran off and Emilie was happy to show us how her swimming lessons were coming along.  The wave machine was a favourite and cause somewhat of a surge towards the far end of the pool!

It was all a lot of fun and a nice change of pace from all the walking about the last two days.  The time flew by and by the time the buzzer announces our departure we were ready to make a move.  A quick shower and we were all back outside in the cooler air which was welcome after nearly 2 hours in sub tropical temperatures!  After dropping the bags and bits at the apartment (we were certainly making full advantage of having such a centrally located apartment) we had another lazy wander through Falmouth before looping back home.

For dinner we treated ourselves to take away fish and chips from none other than Rick Steins restaurant!  A short less than 5 minute walk from our home…  A slower paced day today but lots of fun and the littlies certainly enjoyed the pool.  It was nice still to have a fun day without relying on the weather!