Today saw three team GB members taking our first trip to Funky Monkeys. A local skating rink, with a play area. Emilie was invited to a skating birthday party by one of her school pals. Kieran & Mum tagged along too with it only being a short distance away. The team took a stroll, taking about half an hour.

On arrival, Emilie was met by her friends. Screams, hugs & birthday gifts exchanged, wristbands applied & the skating could begin!! Mum had to get her skates on too. Going round with a determined but worried Ginger Ninja, who, despite her best efforts decided it would be best all round if she climbed & played instead of skated. (with some advice from Mum.)

Mum got to chat, have a coffee & make a couple more friends, while Kieran & Emilie played. So, a good time all round.

A slow walk home in lovely sunshine was a nice end to all the excitement.