The last day of the half term saw Team GB head to the North Norfolk coast to go on seal watching trip.  Unfortunately the weather was not with us as we headed up to Morston and on getting out of the car we soon felt the snap of the cold breeze.  Shorts did not look like a good choice!

There was plenty of fog about as well as we headed down to the quay and embark on one of three boats owned by Beans Boat trips.  Team GB took up seats on the front of the boat and we soon headed out.  It became clear that sitting at the front meant getting wet, which the littlies seemed to enjoy.  Reenie and I were a little more concerned with the cameras getting wet!  The high sides of the boat were a welcome shield from the breeze but that didn’t stop Kieran looking out for pirates with the binoculars! 🙂

We saw a nesting reserve for birds before we came upon the beach where the seals reside.  There was no danger of a no show with the number of seals, both on the beach and in the water; and we got lots of great photos.  We made a few passes of the beach so everyone on board could get plenty of photos before we headed back.  Reenie was disappointed that she didn’t inherit her fathers sea legs and was glad to get back onto dry land.  It was disembarking and heading back to the car that we started to see a change in the weather….sunshine!

This made the second part of the day more enjoyable as we decided to head a short way along the coast to Holkham Hall.  A firm favourite of Team GB!  We parked in the village car park and refreshed ourselves with a picnic before leaving the car and walking into the hall grounds.  Before we got to the hall we noticed a large group of deer to the right of us and we were able to get quite close for some photos.  Its moments like that that make this place so wonderful.  We let the littlies try out the new outdoor adventure play ground before getting some liquid refreshments and walking up the monolith at the back of the hall.

It was starting to get rather warm in the sunshine now and such a welcome contrast to the weather earlier in the day.  I was glad to be wearing shorts now alas Kieran was starting to feel the heat so before we got to the monolith, him and Reenie rested by the road as Emilie and I continued. The view of the back of the hall from this part of the park are wonderful and give a true sense of scale of the building.  Emilie was excited to see the monolith as we turned the corner.  Even more she was impressed to notice that it is in line with the hall and a statue on the other side of the hall!  We explored about and took some more photos before heading back down the path to Kieran and Reenie.

The short rest had obviously done Kieran well as we headed back towards the hall.  The promise of ice creams in the courtyard no doubt quickened everyones paces and they were a welcome cool treat in the sunshine.  Having started the day at Morston at 11.00am, having left the house before 10, the time was no just past 5 and it was amazing how quickly the day went by.  We decided to grab some supplies on the way home and have a BBQ to finish a very fun filled and enjoyable outdoor day…

Photos can be found here.