Taking advantage of the great weather, Team GB decided to head to the beach to soak up the sunshine and we decided on a wee trip up the coast to Sea Palling to do just that…  On arrival we did find we were missing some vital equipment but a quick trip to the shops ensured the two smaller members had buckets and spades!!  While the sunshine was not blazing away it was still very warm and we soon settled down on the beach to a picnic (there is a common theme here with Team GB and having to eat as soon as we arrive anywhere)!!!

Sand castles, turtles and even a hole in the ground were all lovingly created in the stretch of sand in front of us.  We even managed a game of boule…how very Continental…  It was very relaxing and the afternoon just flew by and before long we were packing up and heading home.

Both small people were asleep before we got home but we all agreed what a great day it was…

Photos can be found here.