We saw Princess Anne!!

…At the royal Norfolk Show. We watched hunting horses & hounds. Saw the Premier League Cup, Kieran had his picture taken with it!! We rode in a box on a crane & saw all of the show from way up high. We had our pictures taken wearing fire officers helmets. We had lunch. Was saw cows, sheep, llama, rabbits, fluff chicks, pigs & an absolutely enormous bull!! There was a cow cavalcade, hundreds of them. All different colours. Big ones, little ones, feeding ones.

The weather stayed nice for much of the day, with a slight smattering of rain. But, as team leader, I am ever prepared for any emergency so we wrapped up in our waterproofs (for all of sixty seconds!! Honestly, it took longer to put the on)

Then as we were strolling along, enjoying the various stands, we happened across a small crowd of people & wondered what they might be looking at. When I recognized the back of a very well groomed head, hair in a certain style. Low & behold, it was Princess Anne!! I managed to catch a few snaps as she passed us & was royally proud of myself.

After all this excitement. We wondered around a little more discovering steam powered farm equipment & a fair.

We avoided getting incredibly wet during the final downpour, by mooching around the food hall. Picking up chocolatey gifts for Ed.

All in all, an excellent day.