A return to Fritton Park after a while away and enjoyed some wonderful sunshine and some lovely picnic food.  Its such a different place from when I used to come here as a child with a lot of the adventure playground now gone.  However there is still plenty to do as we soon found out.

As is a staple of a Team GB day out, not long after arriving small people were soon complaining of being hungry so after a short play and run around we had some nibbles keeping the main meal for later.  It is so quiet here and not massively packed out and was very relaxing just sitting in the sunshine watching the littlies play.  Little did I know that my relaxation would come to an end soon!

We headed for a walk down by the lake and the shade from the trees were a welcome relief.  It didn’t take us long to stumble upon the hut that organised and rented the various water based activities on the lake.  Boat trips, kayaks, motor boats and row boats all on offer.  Yes and we as a team decide wouldn’t it be fun if I rowed everyone round the lake for an hour!!  Told you the relaxation bit was ending!

After being kitted out in variously sized flotation aids, we embarked our boat and headed out into the lake.  Any misgivings about the choice we made were soon dispelled as we made good speed into the lake and had a good view of the surrounding area.  Of course now, being on the water meant that we were in full sunshine with no shade…and it was very warm.  It was surprising how quickly the time went.  Reenie and Emilie both tried their hand at rowing much to the amusement of Kieran and before you know it we had to head back.  It was a lot of fun and despite the physical exertions I enjoyed it.

Back on Terra Firma, and any suppressed urges for food earlier were now fully at the fore, and it was decided we would enjoy the rest of the picnic.  And that we did in the shade of a large tree.  Aerobie, relaxing in the sunshine and some nibbles and the day was drifting by at a very gentle pace now.  So much so that a couple of team members nearly fell asleep in the sun.  It was a real struggle to get moving again after an hour of lazing about but the lure of ice creams and a cold drink in the beer garden was enough to rouse the team!

We enjoyed another play on the park using up what energy we had left before heading home to a BBQ in the garden.  A very fun day in the sunshine we all had to agree!