Well it was an early start for Team GB today as the decorators were round at 8am this morning.  Hallway, stairs and upstairs landing was being painted a lovely shade of peach…

Our initial plans to go to Eaton Park where scuppered quickly when we opened the curtains and saw the rain.  A quick vote and we decided to go into the city.  The early start meant that we were all in the city, parked in Chapelfield by just after 9am in the morning.  The expediting departure from team headquarters meant that the two older members did not have any breakfast so a quickstop at Giraffe to treat ourselves was very welcome.  The little ones were disappointed that they were not having a second breakfast (they aren’t hobbits) and settled for a mango mama smoothie.

Fed and watered and trying not to be hampered by the weather we proceeded on a wander about the city.  The decorators wouldn’t be done til mid afternoon so we needed to amuse ourselves til close to that time.  A bit of shopping, a change of shoes for Emilie and we decided that the lure of retail therapy would not hold our attention for the all the time we were required to be away from Team GB HQ.  Reenie fell open a great idea and we headed to Vue cinema to watch Rango.  Its the new Dreamworks animated film about a lizard called Rango.  Heavy reference to westerns and some great voice acting (not least by Johnny Depp as the eponymous hero).  We all really enjoyed it and it was nearly 1pm by the time we left the cinema.  A stroll to a couple more shops and we decided to head home for lunch….

The lads were still finishing off when we got home and just after we had some lunch they were finished.  The results are amazing.  We are very pleased with it.

We settled down to some video games and generally relaxing as it was an early start and we were starting to feel a little tuckered out….  The bonus was that we had a free house on Sunday and weather forecast was sunny!