A selection of amusing things the children say…to be shared, admired and wondered at…

Emilie: (eating bacon) “Oh lovely, there’s fat!!”
Ed: “And that’s not fat with a ph…”
Emilie: “Don’t you mean HP?”
Ed & Emilie with crossed wires at breakfast – 4th June 2012

Mum: “Why have you got your socks pulled up?”
Kieran: (wearing Ed’s Bahma hat) “Because thats what cowboys do!”
John Wayne would be proud – 27th May 2012

“He can put fire in his pants to make himself go faster…”
Kieran offering speed improvements to a cyclist as we drove home – 25th February 2012

Kieran: Ed, whats thats?
Ed: Its a pashmina…
Kieran: No, its not. It’s a scarf
Kieran demonstrating leanings towards a no nonsense fashion style – 6th May 2011

“Mummy, when I grow up I want your hair…but not your face…”
Emilie is sure what parts she wants from Mummy when she grows up – 12th Feb 2011

“Why ‘int it got a head?”
Emilie making a keen observation of one of the mannequins in Fat Face – 24th April 2010

“Is that a Scarysaurus?”
Kieran demonstrating an early leaning towards a career in palaeontology – 10th April 2010

“When I grow wings Mummy I can fly away…”
Kieran clearly wanting to be somewhere else – 1st April 2010

“See that over there mummy? That’s a cross, God got it wrong…”
Emilie after seeing a church on Easter week – 31st March 2010

“I will get out of the car and draw on his face…”
Emilie after hearing Ed express his views on another drivers ability to drive his car – 13th March 2010