A nice lay in started the day and after breakfast and taking our time getting ready, it was nearly lunchtime before we left the house.  Destination: Eaton Park,  Emilie declined to take her bike but Kieran was ready for action of the two wheeled variety…yeah baby!

Reenie took Emilie on the park and as Kieran was all suited and booted in his skid lid and pads wanted to ride.  Yours truly strode round the park with Kieran.  We have had two similar visits documented in previous blog posts but the wee lads is definitely getting more confident with his bike riding.  Speed, braking, direction are all better.  Not once did I have to stop him or even give him a push….  We took in a long circuit of the park and looped round to head back to the rides.

Found Reenie with our friends Nick and Cath who were there with their daughter Tea.  Littlies play, adults stand in the sunshine and talk.  Couple of minro scraps from the little ones that required a kiss and a cuddle and we soon decided to head home.

I say head home but we stopped at Waitrose for a quick shop as is a regular occurrence at the weekend in our house.  Home and we all sat and watched How to Train Your Dragon.  Good film….

Reenie did a wonderful roast dinner and we were all very relaxed when we crashed onto the sofa in the evening….  A lovely end to a rather filled weekend!