Last full day in Paris and it is unbelievable how quickly the time has gone. Our fifth full day and sixth day in Paris and it has been truly memorable. However this last full day started at a police station given the thieving events of last night. Not the best start admittedly but if we wanted to claim on the insurance it was needed. We got directions from the ever helpful Karim at the hotel reception and headed there.

The whole process registering the theft was a little long winded; doubtless due to the fact that the helpful young police officer that greeted us spoke absolutely no English. And of course our pigeon French was more of a hindrance than a help. Still it got sorted and we left with the necessary documentation to complete the claim. We headed towards Montmartre via the Metro.

We arrived at Pigalle station with a small itinerary to take in the surrounding area which started with a visit to MacDonalds for breakfast. We were not proud, just hungry… After breakfast we headed towards Moulin Rouge and even from a distance you could gauge where it was. The throng of tourists gathered across the road taking photographs was a small clue! In terms of Parisien entertainment it is quite an iconic building with its distinctive appearance; unfortunately it is right in the middle of a district littered with live sex shows and all manner of adult entertainment. Some very less then salubrious characters walking about! We headed back to Pigalle and found a small boutique Reenie wanted to visit. It was a chance encounter with a lady called Nicole Van Dyke the day before while we were having lunch. She designed clothes that were sold at a boutique called Paper Dolls.

We then headed up to hill towards the Sacra Couer and Place Du Tetre. The weather was beginning to turn but so far the rain held off. That didn’t seem to put people off and there were still a lot of people milling about particularly in the Place Du Tetre. Its quite a sight to see all the artists painting and drawing portraits and as a wanderer you have to be prepared to be propositioned by any artist who does not currently have a customer in a chair! We had a portrait done by a lovely lady called Monique as we started walking around. She did it all standing up and it surprising how much attention it receives from passers by. A lot of the shops in this area sell artwork and some of it is very impressive. Had we had an easy way to get it back to the hotel and home to the UK we would have most definitely made a couple of purchases.

The hill at Montmatre is quite high compared to the surrounding area so you get some lovely views of Paris. Unfortunately now the weather was turning worse and rain started to fall so we headed back down the steps to the Metro. The plan was to venture back towards Notre Dame to partake in another little tradition. Many couples buy padlocks and lock them to one of the bridges across the Seine. It has been a slightly controversial subject with many parisiens and even municipal councils not warming to the idea of having their bridges adorned in little padlocks. Still what was one more gonna do!! We bought a lock, indelible marker and placed ours on Pont Neuf.

We than headed back to the hotel to start packing, have a couple of drinks and pop out for our last meal in Paris. A bit of a topsy turvy last day but it was nice to finish it doing something fun and romantic!! Although admittedly the hunt for a padlock wasn’t without a bit of a hunt.