Today we made it to Melbourne for a visit and it saw a change in the weather after a sunny weekend.  We planned to make very efficient use of the time as we had to be back in Geelong to pick up the children before heading out for a meal with Dave’s family.


The rough plan was to 1) buy a Barmah hats for Dad and I; 2) visit the Shrine of Remembrance and 3) see the MCG up close.  To help this tight schedule, we took along a wheelchair for Mum so we could maintain a steady ‘yomping’ pace!

We ably completed the first objective with a visit to City Hatters on Flinders Street.  Hats purchased from a very nice lady who used to live in Yorkshire.  Got Dad one with crocodile teeth and a croc skin band.  Mick Dundee would be impressed.  Well apart from the fact he didn’t actually wrestle the teeth from the croc…thats my Dad not Mick Dundee…

We then headed south through the Botanical Gardens towards the Shrine of Remembrance.  There were a few statues to Australian military leaders, one to Queen Victoria, one to Edward VII and a very poignant one to remembering the Battle of Crete.

The Shrine of Remembrance is the largest war memorial in Australia and its easy to see why.  Its wonderfully done and is very humbling.  I shall not bore you with all the details but a large number of the photos I took where around this part of our trip.

We headed back towards the river to cross over to the MCG through the park and almost lost control of mum in the wheelchair! (see photo album…not staged at all! 🙂 ).  We wandered round the MCG and went past the Rod Laver stadium.  Across the way was another stadium where football (aussie rules) is played.  Seemed strange to have an international tennis arena, football stadium and cricket ground literally all within spitting distance of each other.  The MCG looks very modern to be a cricket ground and certainly bigger than anything in England.  Be nice to think England will win there come the next Ashes!! 🙂

We wandered back towards the station stopping at a cafe by the river to enjoy a spicy hotdog and, believe it or not, the first draught beer in a proper pint glass!

Once we were home we headed out after a shower, to the Belmont Hotel for Parmi night.  There we met Daves uncle, wife, his daughter and her husband.  It was a very enjoyable evening and the food was great.  A lovely end to a very enjoyable day…