Lads & lasses weekends

This weekend has been more of a boys and girls weekend. The girls went shopping on Saturday and to a birthday party on Sunday. The boys stayed in on Saturday after their respective illnesses during the week and went for a walk and cleaned the car on Sunday.

A very different format to the usual Team GB weekend, but everyone had fun so that was the main thing. Kieran and I did manage to finish the Lego model we had bought for the wedding. The idea was it was a replica of the car used by the wedding party to arrive at Drayton Lodge in. It has taken a lot of procrastination to get this far and not complete it in the nearly 8 months since we bought it; so with that in mind it has felt like something of a triumph to finally finish it… We even had time to play two levels of Skylanders Giants before the girls returned with shopping bags!!

Sunday was Mias party so the girls headed to the Racecourse at Salhouse leaving the boys to have a wander in the sunshine. On returning home we proceeded to give the little Smart car a clean. Kieran was a great help and certainly made the job go quicker. It was lovely, after all the cold weather, to be outside and not all wrapped up in gloves and coats. We managed a decent effort on the car before heading in to chill out.

A different sort of weekend but a good one nonetheless…