And so that time of the year again as Kieran turns 7 and the excitement up to the big day was quite something to witness.  The little man decided he wanted to go to Funky Monkeys and then have a meal at the house.

We headed to Funkys at 11.30am where we met Cameron and Lennon.  The terrible threesome would then spend 2 hours running about like lunatics with brief breaks for drinks.  Emilie joined in and all four of them seemed to have such fun.  Certainly when we headed home they were some sweaty little faces getting into the car.

Kieran had picked Toad in the Hole for his birthday meal and while the master chef was creating this special meal everyone played on the Wii U.  It might get some criticism but when you see four children playing 4 player Super Mario 3D World together you realise what a cracking console it is.  It was bedlam, with laughing and frantic action.  There seemed to be a slight disappointment when the action had to stop for food.  Gaming was resumed until 3.30pm when the boys were taken home and Team GB settled down for a movie.

All in all a cracking day that the wee man enjoyed a great deal…