Well its half term and while one member of Team GB has been hard at work, the rest of the team have been enjoying some time together.

Trips to the city for lunch with friends, playing games and generally having fun (or is that winding Mum up, I forget)

Deputy has next week off in between contracts and this weekend with the littlies at home we have some plans to go out and visit Norwich Castle.

We do have some news regarding the small ginger member.  Emilie is singing as part of her school choir in the Norfolk County Music Festival on 10th March.  We are very proud and only found out about it when Mummy saw the note from school in Emilies bag!!

Also, Emilie won an award for ‘super learning’.  Again the usual modesty and only a dig around in her bag informed us of her achievement…

Its been all go with the kitchen being decorated, photo albums being organised and work on Team Headquarters continuing on different projects!