Today we took a trip along the Great Ocean Road and see some of the sights and visit some of the places along the way.  Its too long to drive all the way along and get home in one day being 150 miles long and the road can be challenging driving.  Especially when its raining!!


We met the GOR (!) at Torquay and started east along the coast, through Anglesea stopping at Aireys Inlet.  There, we took a look at the lighthouse at Split Point.  Originally manned from its construction in 1891, it became fully automated in 1919.


We continued along a short way until we came across the Memorial Arch.  This commemorates the sacrifice men from Australia made during the Great War and 3000 ‘diggers’ who returned from the war and built the GOR.  At this point I had a crack at driving.  Wanted to say I’d driven on the road and give Jo a break.

Continuing next we came through Lorne.  Got a photo of another WWI memorial and we had a look around some shops.  Its a lovely place, and as with all the places we saw and visited they share one thing; the surfing, along this part of the Australian coast.

By this time the weather was starting to take a turn for the worse.  We headed now for Apollo Bay.  Stopping a few times along the way, a light rain followed us.  Shame as the views were somehow less spectacular without the sunshine.  In fact with the light rain and the scenery it certainly felt more like Cumbria than Australia!

We stopped in Apollo Bay for a cup of coffee and had a look around some of the waterfront shops.  I bought some sunglasses (great day to try them out!) and Jo & Mum bought some souvenirs.

By now it was past 2pm so we made the move to head home.  I picked up the driving again and we headed north through Otway National Park.  Lots of twisty turny road up through the hills and down the otherside.  We stopped and got a couple of photos of Barton Head Water Reservoir and then tried to find Stevenson Falls.  The latter proved a false dawn as it was a 20 min drive through narrow track only to find a long walk to anything else.  I messed about with some photos of the river (see last two in album) and continued the journey home.

We continued home and after an albeit slight misdirection we got back to Geelong safe and sound in time to meet Jordan and Tayla on the way home with Dave.  A cold beer and a read of my book in the garden sunshine was a great relaxing way to finish off a very enjoyable day.

We only got to sample about a quarter of the Great Ocean Road but what we saw was great in terms of scenery and places we visited.  Great to be able to say I drove on it…

Oh and on the way to Torquay when we first left I booked a flight on a Tiger Moth on Tuesday at Geelong Airport.  Can’t wait!!!