After all the energetic activity on Saturday we decided for a gentler day on Sunday.  The weather was great again but we all had a nice lay in and certainly didn’t plan on moving about much.  It was a nice start to the day!

We headed to Catton Park for a walk in the sun while enjoying an ice lolly on the way.  The little ones were off again once we arrived at the park and getting Reenie and I involved in a game of tag…   We also decided to start with geocaching which is a sort of worldwide treasure hunt.  Using my phone we could see there were two caches hidden in Catton Park.

With bemused and slightly confused looks the little ones followed us to two locations and helped us look.  We could only find one of the them but we are going to start doing it more….

It was a nice distraction and we were in no hurry to race home as the weather was so agreeable and it was nice to be outside in it… We headed home and relaxed watching a film.  Much needed after a fun filled weekend….and no school for Emilie for the next two weeks!!!