Today we headed out of Paris and visited the royal palace at Versailles. It was about a 40 minute trip in the RER and the train soon filled with other visitors. The train was mostly overground which offered some views of the outskirts of Paris as we headed out.

On arrival at Versailles we headed for MacDonalds (I know not very French) for a bite to eat and a drink before buying our tickets and heading in. The queue for the palace was HUGE so as advised by the ticket seller we avoided the queue til later and headed for the gardens. When you walk to the back of the palace the gardens stretch out before you for quite a distance. According to the map the far end of the grand canal is 3.5km away and we decided to walk out there. It’s hardly surprising that not many people do it without the use of a transport (buggies or cycles) but it was so peaceful to be aware from all the crowds just walking in the garden woodland.

We got some photos of the palace as we walked round and with the leisurely pace we set ourselves and the stops for photos the time just drifted away. On the side we walked back on there were the queens apartments and although we had tickets we really wanted to see the palace. We headed back to enter the palace mid afternoon (last admission is at 4pm). There was no queue but still plenty of people inside looking round. Unfortunately many seemed to be using audio tours which for some reason destroyed their ability to walk in a straight line or be aware of their surroundings!! 🙂

By now the legs were starting to feel it. Today and the last two days were obviously catching up with us and tiredness was starting to kick in. We worked out we must have walked about 35kms over the lastnthree days and all of sudden seemed to catch up with us.

We headed back to the train station were we found out we hadn’t got the right tickets. We managed to get to Versailles without going through a barrier so it was a fair cop! The evening was a very relaxed manner enjoying a drink in the hotel bar and a picnic in the hotel room followed by an early night… Rock and roll!!!