A first post for a little while and the first outing for Team GB since I bust my arm at Sports Day.  We decided not to go far as the weather was looking a little on and off so we plumped for a trip into the city for a wander and take in the Nelson exhibition on at the Forum.

We arrived at the Forum we were met with a few market stalls.  Once a month there is a farmers market where a few local tradesman gather outside the Forum and sell their wares.  Who knew?  Seeing the lovely food we soon elected to buy our dinner here and treated the children to some brioche bread.  Always good to feed them..

We headed inside to the Nelson exhibition which was very good.  Small but they had some commemorative pieces, a short film about him and part of the decorations from his funeral cortege.  Kieran was a little bored understandably but Emilie happily trotted about reading the boards…  I thought it was great.

We then headed to Langleys where the littlies wished to spend some of their money they had as part of a treat for getting good school reports for end of term.  Surprisingly they couldn’t find anything they liked but ended up getting a Skylander each in Game.  We are so close to getting them all now… 🙂

We proceeded in a noodle shop direction for some late lunch before heading back to the market to pick up our steaks Reenie and I had bought for our dinner….  Wine and pizza for the grown ups and littlies respectively from Tescos completed our trip about.  It was not as event filled as some days but nice to all go out together and spend some time with each other.