James & Kate, Rabbart, Bygones, Walled Garden, Hall, Playground, Chinese and video games.

Today was the annual Team GB trip to Holkham Hall on the Easter weekend and this year we were accompanied by James and Kat. We certainly seemed to be blessed with better weather than we were last year.

We arrived more or less at the same time as James and Kate and immediately headed for the Bygone Hall brandishing our tickets as we entered! Its a familiar site for the veterans of Holkham Hall amongst us and led us out to the courtyard where the vintage vehicles reside.

One of the activities this year was something called Rabbart. The idea was to make a rabbit art (Rabbart? Get it?) using coloured card and stencils and they would be added to a large display. The boys joint effort was a Batman rabbit and the Riddler in a very DC themed effort. Emilies effort she kept herself so we have that to keep for artistic posterity…

It took a surprising amount of time so by the time we had finished we were all ready for our picnic. And this we managed to enjoy in the sunshine as well. It certainly wasn’t feeling like April much!

All fed and watered and we walked round the water to the Walled Gardens. The activity here was to get stamps from eight rabbits around the gardens. We also bumped into our friends Justin and Jo and their children Emily and Noah. We returned to the grounds and ventured round the Hall building. The exhibition as well as covering Easter also covered the First World War and how it affects Holkham Hall and the surround area.

By now time was getting on so by the time we left the Hall building we had a drink and cake before hearing to the play area to let off some steam before we headed home. The nice thing was it wasn’t good bye to Jame and Kat as they followed us home.

We played some video games and had a chinese together as they stayed over. It was a cracking end to a very full day…