Today Team GB set out for Duxford.  Hopefully something we could all enjoy although it was my (Eds) idea to go.  A pack lunch was very ably packed by Team Leader to ensure plentiful sustenance for the team.  We headed out early to ensure we had a full day out and arrived at around 11.30.

After successfully negotiating the gift shop we we outside on the runway and heading towards the first hanger. Its at this point that I shall resist the urge to drone on about the different aircraft we saw but suffice to say the private collection that is kept there is pretty amazing.

We then went on to see a Battle of Britain collection including a BF109 shot down during the battle. There was lots to see and the children were enjoying running about and seeing all the aircraft up close. Outside, eating lunch we were even treated to some aircraft flying past…some of them rather quite low.

We then went to the American Air Museum which contains a collection of some of the aircraft made famous from American history. Seeing a Strato Fortress up close is something to behold…. Aircraft from WWI through to the Cold War were collected here and its credit to anyone involved in setting it up. The humbling sight outside was a number of glass panels (too many) and each one had a number of aircraft engraved on them (again too many). Each aircraft represented an American airman based in this country who was killed in action during World War Two.

Next up was the Anglian Regiment museum and a collection of land vehicles used in both World Wars. By now we were at the far end of the airfield. I think at this stage the little ones were starting to wane somewhat in interest and we didn’t stop long at this exhibition.

We then headed back to the last exhibit right near the entrance called Airspace. By now it was just after 4pm and the day was flying by. Airspace was fantastic and was glad to have left it til last. It contained a number of interactive displays to explain the principles of flight. The littlies really enjoyed it. Unfortunately we missed the chance to go round a Concorde as it was now too late, but again there was a great collection of aircraft here too and it was a fun way to finish the day.

A safe, albeit delayed (got to love the single carriageway part of the A11) and Team GB was back home again just after 7.30pm…

 Photos can be found here.