Drink anyone…

Well the weekend to Stuttgart draws ever closer.  Pointed in the direction of WikiTravel by Mr Wilson, I have found out there is a wine festival (Weindorf) in Stuttgart which will be on the weekend we are there….

I appreciate wine isn’t everyones favourite tipple but as it will be a 10 min walk from the hotel it might be something worth checking out over the weekend.

Link to the website can be found here. Its in German but your browser (definitely Chrome) may translate…


  1. happy with whatever mate. don’t mind a drop of wine.

    might need to find a bar on friday night with sky !!! England are on in a qualifier, or would that be a depressing start to the weekend !lol

    • Didn’t realise that. Watching England in Germany? Setting ourselves up for a fail aren’t we? đŸ™‚

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