Well as predicted yesterday we set out just before midday for the Dinosaur Park at Weston Park.  The weather was very cold but we all had lots of fun.  We met Emilie and Kierans friend, Lia there with Auntie Peta and Uncle Peter.

There were loads of different dinosaurs and the little ones had lots of fun running through the woods spotting them.  This definitely helped everyone warm up a little.  Nearly had some instances of the group getting eaten by the dines!  We even had the chance to old cockroaches and giant snails as part of a small presentation by one of the staff…  Emilie and Lia were the brave ones!!  Part of the day involved collecting eight stamps to win a medal at the end.  We were four short so left it to Mummy and Auntie Peta to trapse about finding the remaining ones.

All in all everyone enjoyed themselves, beit running about in the woods, looking at animals, holding bugs or simply playing on the swings and slides.  By the time we finished we headed for a local eatery with Peta, Peter and Lia for a well earned meal and drink.  By the time we came to leave everyone was well and truly pooped with the two small members heading straight to bed when we got home.  It was a lovely way to finish to a lovely weekend.  Happy birthday Kieran!

Photos can be found here.