Well the good weather seemed to get even better as the weekend arrived.  We had a special guest in Uncle Colin visit during the week so a couple of nights enjoying wine could have taken its toll  on lesser team members.

We decided to head to beWilderwood with a picnic to enjoy the great weather, get outside and visit somewhere new.  It is only outside Wroxham so we were there in under 30 minutes and were there just after 11.  A quick measuring of the children to determine price at the entrance and we were in with our wrist bands proving we’d paid!

The premise of beWilderwood is a the home of creatures called Twiggles and Boggles and its an adventure park that is built into and around the forest.  The great (soon to regret tomorrow) thing is the adults can join in with exploring and clambering about…!  One of the first tasks we were set by the friendly gentleman at the entrance was to find the location of 8 eggs hidden round the park.  What a challenge!

The littlies were off like rockets, seeing what they could see and running about like loons.  This was gonna be fun!  First off we went over the broken bridge which climaxed in an old style Indiana Jones style bridge about 40 feet up.  We then went den building, rode on the zip wires, swung across gaps on ropes and went on some slides.  There is loads to do.

Soon hunger was getting the better of the team so we headed back to the car for a cheese picnic.  It was a lovely effort from Reenie and you could tell we all like a certain dairy product.  Cheese sandwiches, dairy dunkers, babybel, cheese straws…. I’m surprised we didn’t all have nightmares on Saturday night!!  Fed, watered and lounging in the sun was much needed.  After we were all refreshed, we returned to the park for a trip on the boats round Dingy Dyke (please no jokes here it is a childrens park after all :0)

At this point in time we only had one balloon left.  On hearing how close we were to the completion of our quest, the kindly boatman gave us a clue as to where the last one could be found…  Sure as cows make cheese, when we disembarked we headed in the direction of the clue and found the last balloon.  It was a true team effort…I found it! 🙂

One last activity had eluded us before lunch and that was the maze.  Split into two teams (Reenie and Kieran vs Emilie and Ed) saw a fairly through victory for the latter team…but it was a fun way to finish all the activities.  The littlies had a few more goes on the slides before we headed back to the car via the gift shop and entrance gate to collect out prizes for getting all the balloons… 🙂

It was just after 3pm by the time we left and the weather was great so we decided to stop off in Wroxham for an ice cream and see what the swans and ducks were doing…

Definitely one of team GBs better days out and we are certain to return.  We finished the day off with a family chinese take away.  Chicken balls were a big hit…although the chicken may disagree…

Photos can be found here.