The weather was back with us today as we found ourselves already at our last full day in Falmouth.  We decided to check out the beaches we saw as we walked along the headland from Pendennis Point on Tuesday.  Where we were staying was all harbour and boats so it was nice to see some of the beach close by.

It was only a short walk before we were all scrambling over rocks exploring the pools as the tide was out.  Not the sort of beach we have close to home.  Certainly the temperature of the water made brough us back with a shock.  While we rockpooled in St Mawes on Wednesday we had kept out of the water (well except for my soggy rucksack) but today we threw off our shoes (placed them neatly on the sand) and careered into the water (stepped very gently on the rocks filled with cold water).

Even though the water was cold , the sun on our heads made it a fun morning especially as there were hardly any other people around.  The littlies had a great time exploring and trying to find something interesting to look at and share with everyone else.  We even racked out the Aerobie for its debut after we had had our fill of the water. At this point Kierans keen throwing arm was shown to make up in power what it lacked in direction which of course made him roar with laughter when I was left to find the aerobie thrown a long way in the wrong direction (the rocks).

After the beach we headed back to town via the apartment for a quick clean up and picked up some crabbing gear to try our hand at from one of the piers in the harbour.  Suffice to say that despite the sunshine and calm weather, the littlies were not that patient so it didn’t take long for them to get annoyed at the lack of success and want to do something else!!

We explored the far end of Falmouth and went to the Shack for a late lunch early dinner where Reenie and I tried oysters for the first time.  A lot nicer than we both thought they would be and we even got to keep a couple of shells as momentos.  We headed back to the apartment to chill out and sort out our return to Norfolk the next morning.

It had been a wonderful and full five days with lots to do and a bit of relaxing in equal measure.  Team GB fell in love with Falmouth and would imagine we will be back again in the future.  I preferred the drive to our Scotland holidays but the weather here was a lot better!!  The people are friendly and Falmouth has a quaintness and quality that feels very British and in a good way…