Another Holkham walk!

Two weeks after our visit to Holkham we returned to walk along the beach to Burnham. Did we ever say what a favourite spot Holkham is for Team GB??

What started out as quite a cool breeze soon developed into warm sunshine as we headed west along the beach. This probably going to sound like quite a boring post as we just walked along the beach watching horses ride past and picking out shells. As we started getting good weather it was just great to be outside and not have to wrap up against the wind and rain!

As is our usual Team GB efforts we were packed for a lunch and in true fairness it wasn’t long before the small people wanted to eat!! We managed to stave off the cravings for lunch before we finally sat down and enjoyed the sunshine and food. Its great that at this part of the beach there are so few people about.

After food, we continued along the beach some more and at this point we had been on the go for nearly 2 hours. And the time just flew by! Around this time Kieran started getting tired so he and Reenie took the opportunity of a break in the dunes to turn around and head back along the coastal path. Emilie and I carried on for another 20 mins as we reached the entrance to Burnham Overy Staithe before looping back.

Moving quickly through the dunes, Emilie and I managed to catch up to Reenie and Kieran before they reached the woods. Kierans bleating about sore feet and legs were the only low point at this part of the day…!! 🙂 By now it was very warm and we were glad of the shade of the trees and arrived back at Holkham car park in time to have an ice cream before the car park ticket expired.

We concluded our visit to Holkham with a trip to the Queen Victoria pub to answer nature calls and enjoy a well deserved drink in the sunshine!!