Funky Monkeys was today’s destination. We were invited by Lisa & Lillie.

We discussed on the way as to who wanted to skate. Lillie took her own skates so was definitely skating but Emilie & Kieran weren’t sure. So we waited a while & they decided to skate after watching Lillie.

I advised Kieran that he would have some difficulty but being the determined boy he is he took no notice and insisted on skating. So I had to go too!!

Five minutes in & Kieran decides it’s definitely not for him. Unfortunately, we have to go the right way around the rink in order to get off. Impersonating Bambi on ice wasn’t Kieran’s plan but we eventually made it round & he breathed an audible sigh of relief when the skates were taken off!!

Kieran spent the rest of the day climbing, enjoying himself much more. Lunch break. More skating & climbing. The girls alternating between the two. We came just after four. Quite tired & ready for a rest.