Well I was a bit nervous early on but today my sister and I, successfully climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  It was absolutely amazing.  I’m not great at heights by a long shot but it was far easier than I thought. Needless to say the views are fantastic.  Unfortunately, but understandably, you are not permitted to take a camera with you on the climb.  In fact for fear of anyone dropping something you are not allowed to take anything apart from glasses.  Fleece, radio, cap or beenie, gloves, glasses, safety harness are all tethered to you.  Add to that the very fashionable grey jumpsuit (coloured such so you do not stand out on the bridge and distract drivers) and you really do look the part!! 🙂

To make up for the lack of personal cameras, the climb leader takes a number of photos in group or with individuals.  These can be purchased later and I have two of these.  I cannot show them here until we get back to Geelong and I scan them in.  All in all a very worthwhile experience that I throughly recommend to anyone who visits Sydney.

After that Jo and I headed down to Nicks restaurant on Cockle Bay Wharf for lunch, meeting Dave (brother in law), Mum, Tayla and Jordan (nieces) there.  They had spent the morning, going up the Sky Deck.  Lunch was fantastic.  Food was excellent and sitting outside, we had a lovely view of Darling Harbour.

Had a wander back through the shopping district and on the return to the apartments had a swim and a blast in the spa.  A very fulfilling day.  🙂